Emergency 9-1-1
(609) 882-1313

Hey Parents!

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"9-1-1, Where is the Emergency?"

While it is important that the public be knowledgeable in the use of "911", a great number of these calls are non-emergencies or false in nature. Many individuals when trying to reach "411" dial "911" by mistake. If you do this, please stay on the line and do not hang up. 

Once you dial 911 your address and telephone number are instantly displayed and the police are dispatched to your location, even if you hang up. Remember, it is important to let the dispatcher know you misdialed and there is no emergency. 

When you dial 911 from your cell phone, your phones approximate location and your cell phone number is displayed.  Remember to give the dispatcher your exact location.  If you dialed 911 by accident, remain on the phone and tell the dispatcher you only misdialed and there is no emergency.

Please use "911" for emergencies only! For all other police calls use the main Police Department number (609) 882-1313.

Lastly, a reminder that making false "911" calls is against the law and anyone apprehended doing so will be prosecuted under New Jersey Criminal Code, specifically N.J.S.A. 2C:33-3.