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Crime Scene Unit

The Ewing Crime Scene Unit is an integral part of the Police Department.  Crime Scene Investigators (C.S.I.'s) and Evidence Technicians (E.T.'s) are responsible for documentation of major crime scenes including homicides, suicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, shootings, and suspicious deaths.  They are also responsible for the collection of physical evidence through photography, physical crime scene search, recovery of latent fingerprints, and the collection of physical evidence. 

Ewing Police Crime Scene Investigators and technicians are a highly motivated group of individuals who, using their knowledge, skills and abilities recover visible and invisible evidence using the latest technology available.  Unit members record details of a scene for future investigation, analysis and preparation for court review.  These officers continuously strive to improve their knowledge and skills by attending specialized schools, seminars, and in-house training.

Each member of the unit are assigned to a platoon within the Patrol Bureau which allows 24/7 coverage for the town.  Officers who have completed a week long course in basic evidence collection become certified Evidence Technicians.  Crime Scene Investigators have to complete an extensive and comprehensive course in Crime Scene Investigations which is taught by the New Jersey State Police.  The six week course is offered periodically and when completed the officer is well trained in almost every aspect of Crime Scene Investigations.