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Ewing Police Patch History

Ewing Police Patch 1

This was Ewing Township Police Department’s first uniform patch. A few years after the department was established, the motorcycle patrol was replaced by the police car.  This allowed each vehicle to be equipped with two-way police radios. Not all departments at the time had radios. Ewing was proud to have had radios in the cars. 

Ewing Police Patch 2

In the 1950’s radios were common in police cars so Chief Forst had the patch changed.  The “Radio Patrol” was dropped and the patch colors were lightened so they would contrast better with the dark blue uniform.

Ewing Police Patch 3

In the 1960’s Chief Steepy changed the Ewing patch design and colors.  The border and lettering were gold and the shape of the patch was modified.  The background was also changed from blue to black. The entire patch had more of a contemporary look.

Ewing Police Patch 4

In 1974 Chief Steepy once more made a radical change to the departmental patch.  At this point in time you could do more with the color and detail of a patch.  The words “Knowledge, Integrity, and Courage” were added along with a red, white and blue shield.

Ewing Police Patch 5

In 2002, Chief Coulton had the patch changed to its current look.  The word “Township” was taken off the patch and “New Jersey” was added back on the patch.  Throughout Ewing’s history the patch has always matched the emblem on the marked police vehicles.